Inspiration Cycle

Let’s talk about inspiration. I may get a little woo-woo here but hear me out.

Inspiration is a hard thing to define exactly, but it’s a common theme throughout history. Art is an obvious choice, but even more than that. Inspiration has its grubby little hands in everything we do from technological development, global conquests, all the way down to what you feel like eating one night. It’s all a form of inspiration.

How can one topic feel so broad, yet so specific at the same time?

I like’s definition of Inspire:

Inspire: Means to excite, encourage, or breathe life into.

Let’s break that down.

Excite defines excite as “to arouse or stir up the emotions or feelings of.” It’s a spark. Everything has to come from something, and that something is usually a spark.

Think of the big bang. It was a spark that ignited the creation of an entire universe. Or if you wanted to go more small scale, I think of that “Ah-ha!” moment when you think of something or when a concept finally clicks into place.

Excite is the spark; or the beginning.


“To inspire with courage, spirit, or confidence.”

An idea, to begin with, is just that, just an idea. This little thing that popped up in your head that no one else even knows about. It’s a little spark looking for somewhere to go but its scared to.

Till encouragement comes by and gives this little idea a hand. Like how a newly started fire is just a small ember until it gets some tinder to grow onto and air to encourage its development into something so much bigger. Bigger than it could ever imagine.

To encourage is to give confidence.

Breathe Life Into

Self-explanatory right? You are giving life to something.

Breathing life sounds a little like that ‘spark’ analogy I made earlier with excite. Another way to see it though is one breathing life into something else.

Keeping with the fire theme, that flame has now grown into its own. The spark took the risk of leaving its comfort zone to become a full-fledged being.

If given enough fuel and care, this flame will continue to grow and spread, breathing life into other sparks, causing a massive bonfire.


One little spark, turned small flame, to a raging fire.

Now, what does this have to do with inspiration? Let’s look at the definition of inspire again:

“to excite, encourage, or breathe life into.”

And maybe change a few words around with our fire story.

Inspiration made an idea, turned small operation, to widespread inspiration.

It’s a cycle. The process of acting on what inspires you, in turn, inspires others. And that’s the coolest thing about inspiration. It’s potential is limitless.

What comes to mind immediately when I think about the idea of inspiration is fan fiction. Fans expanding upon their favorite story has been around as long as fiction itself. It’s a good thing too because that fan-written fiction of an original work often turns into a new work in itself.

If you wanted to get super meta about it, what if there is a higher being out there that we know as God. A creator that made everything as we know it. Creating inspiration itself. Then down the road, countless creations were made depicting God in the Medieval and Renaissance Eras. Then those works of art inspiring more modern day works.

One little spark, turned small flame, to a raging fire.

All that to say

Inspiration is a crazy concept, and no one knows how they can inspire another.

In my journey, I can confidently tell you I would not be here writing this if it wasn’t for one line in one video game I played as a kid.

When I was little, I played this game called Final Fantasy X. Its this crazy series that involves time traveling, magic, and giant chickens.

Near the beginning of the game, the main character is about to be thrown into a wormhole that will take him to the future. The only thing physically keeping him from being sucked in is his mysterious mentor, Auron. Auron says one thing to him “This is your story” before letting go, causing the lead character to slip into the vortex.

“This is your story” is a line that has stuck with me ever since. It made me realize that I am capable of writing my own story, and from there, I realized I could also write the story of fictional characters in my head. Then I found my love of writing and storytelling.

It just goes to show, even one line of dialogue can change someone’s life.

So I encourage you if you’ve found inspiration, no matter what it may be, share it with the world. You could be the firestarter to help a kid realize his dream.