Blank Check

“But this is finally the answer to all my problems.” The man, without a home, wraps his scared and muddied hands around the pristine banknote.

“I know its wrong, but it’s been days since I’ve had a full meal.” He felt his lips moisten with saliva at the thought of having his favorite sandwich, roast beef on rye. Or A grilled chicken breast with green beans on the side. Like mama used to make.

The man stared at the check for, what felt like hours. He recognized the name on the discarded rectangle of paper as one of the wealthier men in town.

“It’s not like he would notice.” He knew it was wrong

“I could get away with it so easily” He knew it would mean stealing.

“Maybe I could rent a room at a fancy hotel.” But the cost was a sliver of his soul

“This man has done me no wrong. Even held the door open for me once” But his belly continued to grumble.

The man without a home was no different then you or I. He was not ill or deranged. The man was just hungry and cold.

He hopes you understand when he took that blank check to the store. He hopes you understand he doesn’t wish to be a thief or a bandit.

He was just hungry, like you or I. Maybe it was a sin to cash in the blank check, or maybe it was a gift from God?

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