Text Exchange

[Short Story, Quick Read]

[3:10] Hey

Hey there 😉 [3:32]

[3:33] Just wanted to see how you were feeling

If ur asking if I can walk straight, not rely big boy 😉 [3:33]

I had good time last nite [3:33]

[3:34] I’m glad to hear

Didn’t you? [3:34]

[3:44] Its kinda what I wanted to talk about…

Wut? Last nite? [3:46]

[3:46] Ya

Well wut about it? [3:48]

[3:48] I don’t know. Just felt weird I guess. Was my first time and… it was kind of scary

Awh! I forgot that we were popping ur cherry! [3:49]

It gets easier the more u do it [3:49]

[3:52] That’s what I wanted to talk about… I don’t know if there should be another time

What? Y? [3:52]

[3:52] It just got a little to real for me. U know?

[3:52]Like, I know this is your thing but… maybe its just the way I was raised or something.

[3:53] But I’ve always believed that sort of thing is wrong u know?

Travis, u still just have the first time jitters. Didn’t u have fun? [3:53]

[4:10] …maybe a little

[4:10] I don’t know. I don’t think we could get away with a second time.

Don’t be silly! I’ve been doing ths 4 ever and never got caught. [4:11]

Few times someone did see me they didn’t live to tell the tale u know? [4:11]

[4:12] Then that means, if someone found us, it just means more fun right?

Now ur getting it! ❤ [4:12]

[4:13] Weird question.

[4:13] Did you originally mean to ‘have fun’ with me when you asked me out?

If we are gonna do dis together Travy I don’t want any secrets [5:01]

Yes I did, but I realized when I saw u that u were to cute to have fun with. [5:01]

So I thought it would b cute to do it together! [5:01]

Is that ok? [5:01]

[5:02] Well I’m still here so I guess it is

Busy 2night? [5:02]

[5:03] Nvr to busy for you babe

Meet me at the same spot [5:05]

O and bring ur dads carving knife [5:05]

We getting dirty 2night baby!!! [5:05]

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