Hey there my lovelies!

I’m shaking things up a little in May at the ol’ Patreon. Don’t worry, I think y’all will dig it!

Da changes

  1. Most important thing for you all to be aware of. Billing is changing from ‘Per Thing’ to a flat monthly subscription. Also new minimum is changing from $1 to $4
    • Considering the amount of content I’ll be putting out, I figured it would be easier for everyone involved to go on a monthly rate rather then the more erratic ‘Per Thing’ platform. Think of this as a subscription to a magazine service that you would get in the mail.
    • The reason for the new $4 minimum is because I know most of you are here for Makoto’s Story and that updates once a week. $1 per chapter X 4 chapters a month = $4
  2. New $10 and $20 tiers
    • I want to be super clear about my decision to implement these changes. My goal from the beginning is to not hide ‘the good stuff’ behind pay walls. This remains the same.
    • The new tiers are for little extra goodies. Let me explain:
      • $4 Tier (Roker’s Thugs): You get access to all content and a shout out on Twitter
      • $10 Tier: Access to all content, Twitter shout out, AND a special thank you on Patreon. If you are subbed at $10 for more then 3 months, you will be listed a supporter in the new novel I am working on!
      • $20 Tier: Access to all the things, Twitter shout out, special thank you on Patreon (a thank you in the new book if subbed for long then 3 months), AND you will get a character named after you in the new book. I will send you a message asking for the name you want listed and your favorite thing.
  3. Limited offer only for May Subscribers!
    • Can’t wait to have your name forever in my writing? For anyone who pledges $20 a month in May will get their name in either a Short Story or Makoto’s Story!! (Your choice)

Lots of fun stuff!

As you can see, we have a lot coming up! I’m so excited to see this thing continue to grow and am deeply touched by both my readers and patrons support. It’s because of you guys I get to live my life’s dream and be a professional writer!!

From the bottom my heart, Thank You All

One last thing of note, if you are an EXISTING PATRON at the time of this update, I would love to give you guys a shout out because you guys are the OGs’. Shoot me a message with what name you would like me to use or I’ll just use the name Patreon has provided for me.

Please message me or comment if you have any questions. May is going to kick so much ass!

Patreon: patreon.com/artoflupin

Much love,

❤ Mark

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