Just A Little Rain

[Short-Story 5 min Read]

“Alica, turn down your music!” Sharon yells at her daughter in the back seat.

“Why?” She yells back over the music blaring from her phone. Her friend giggles next to her.

“I can’t hear the radio! The weatherman is back on. Now hush it!” Sharon shouts back with ever increasing panic in her voice.

“Fine, geez no need to shout.” Alica obeys her mother and silences her mixed tape. The mood of the car was quick to turn for the worst. Now with the absence of Alica’s upbeat pop music, there was nothing to push away the sound of fat raindrops smack against the metal roof and the sound of not-so-distant thunder.

Sharon cranked her radio as loud as possible to hear the tiny car speakers.

“- As you can see-” the signal faded in and out “-turn for the worst— cat 5 -” Static overtook the man’s voice

“Come on you piece of crap.” She smacked the dashboard repeatedly

Alica rolled her eyes “Mom, calm down, will you? It’s just some rain.” Alica’s best friend Robin looked out the rear window and watch as a couple of cars zip by them on the highway.

“What was their hurry?” she mumbled to her self

“I don’t know if it’s just rain, hon. I haven’t seen it this bad in years,” Gallons of water poured over the SUV. Even with the windshield wipers at full speed, it was hard to see more than five feet in front of the car.

“I’m starting to wonder-” Sharon was cut off by a loud *SNAP* as the radio antenna snapped off the front of the car and disappeared behind them. A high pitched wining cried from the speakers.

“What the hell?!” Robin shouted as she clasped her hands to her ears

Sharon punched the radio’s off switch on the console “Fuck!”

“That’s what you get mom for having an ancient Grand Cherokee that still has an exterior antenna.” Alica slouched in her seat

“Alica, just-” Sharon white-knuckled the steering wheel, not daring to take her eyes off the road. “Just please!” She exhaled sharply

A visibly shaken Robin looks back out her window and sees a few headlights swerve behind them. “Yeah, Alica. I’m starting to think your mom’s old car might be the least of our worries.”

The wind whistled through the cracks of the car.

“I don’t get what all of you are so beat up about! It’s just a little-”

“Jesus Christ!” Sharon shouts and slams the breaks. Narrowly missing an airborne four-door sedan fly rag-doll like in front of them and crash into the pick-up truck on their left. Both vehicles sandwich together, roll over and explode.

“Oh my God!” The teen girls yell in unison

“Mom! Mom! What just happened?!” Alica claps onto the back of her mother’s chair.

Before Sharon gets the chance to answer her cowering daughter, she starts to feel her old Cherokee starts to buckle and lose traction on the pavement.

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