Furry Companions

I didn’t grow up with any pets other than the occasional fish.

As time went on and friends saw there pets pass away, I never totally understood the big deal. Of course, I’m not heartless. I realized that they were a part of my friend’s family and that it was a loss.

But the only pet I ever had to compare that loss to was fish, and fish are really more decoration then they are pets. Most of them swim around in a small tank for the entirety of their life but never even seem to notice.

It wasn’t until I adopted my own cat did I finally understand.

When I went to the pet shelter with my older sibling, I wasn’t even planning on getting a pet. I was there to support my older brother in his selection.

We started browsing the cats, and I noticed Roker. To be fair, he was hard to miss.

He is a HUGE cat with a lot of love to give.

Most cats came up occasionally, sniffed us, then returned to their specific corner in the room. Roker was not about that life in the least.

He was working the floor. Going from person to person, sitting in laps and licking people to death. He was more of a big teddy bear than a cat.

Roker was just my style but knew there was no room in my life for a cat. I had too much going on to give a pet the attention it needed. Plus, I felt the idea a little overrated.

Why shell out hundreds of dollars a year in food, medical care and grooming for an animal that is just going to sit around and stare at you?

We returned multiple times for my older brother to make his final decision and each time I sought out Roker and played with him. Eventually, the staff informed me that Roker was on hold to be adopted in a few days.

While disappointed I would lose my little buddy, I was ultimately happy that he was going to find his forever home.

After about a month of deciding my brother made his decision and we returned to pick up his new cat. While he signed the paperwork, I was informed that Roker’s new family had to back out and he was back on the market.

I mean, who wouldn’t take that as a sign? I essentially said “Fuck it” and adopted my new little boy.

Probably one of the best decision I’ve ever made.

Every morning, Roker wakes me up at 6:30 to be fed. I hate waking up early, but I dump some food in his bowl and go to bed. Whenever I am writing at my desk, about every hour, he will climb up and start tapping away at my keyboard too. Screwing up all my hard work. Whenever I take a nap on the couch, he never fails to jump on top of me and beg me to play.

He can be a real pain in the ass, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

I wasn’t wrong in asking ‘why’ when it came to pet ownership. Roker contributes absolutely nothing to my household and spends most of his time sleeping next to a window.

But, somehow, animals have a way of giving something far more critical than rent or groceries. They provide a unique sense of friendship.

This cat never leaves my side. Even traveling room to room Roker is always in my wake. He provides something so hard to find in most relationships. Love that is so pure and genuine that it makes me question ‘why’ I didn’t do it sooner.

I know I’m not breaking any big news by declaring my love for my furry companion, but if you’ve never had a pet before you are, without a doubt, doing yourself a disservice.

We are social creatures and need community, and community is not limited to just other people. It includes your fuzzy little fur bucket too.

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