Super-Cool Patreon Update!


Hey everyone! Just gave the old Patreon a facelift that will make everyone’s experience with it a bit more streamlined.

Curious about getting your name forever in history in my new book ‘The Pit?’ Just want to support your local arts? Check out the link below to learn more!

Patreon: Art of Lupin

I write professionally but, like many artist, have to have a number of ‘side-hustles’ to keep the lights on.

By supporting me on Patreon, you are directly supporting me. Not only are you allowing me to continue writing the stories you love, but the greater the support, the more time I get to spend on my craft. Freeing me to take on bigger and more ambitious projects that you all will love!

Want to check out some of my work first? You should! Check out the links below:

Makoto’s Story

The Pit [POC]

The Drummer Boy (Short Story)

Lyft Confessional (Blog Article)

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