Work Vacation

[3 Min Read]

“Morning, Billy,” Ted greeted his deskmate and joined him on the elevator. Arms stacked full of boxes of paper.

“Mornin,’ Ted” Billy squeezed to the side to make room.

Once the pair were settled, Billy punched their floor button. He looked over and saw his coworker overwhelmed with his burden.

“Long morning, Ted?” Billy asked

“Y-Yeah” Ted grumbled, “Bossman wants these files put away before lunch or, well, I don’t know if I have any more strikes left, you know?”

“He works you too hard. You enjoy your ice coffee take a load off.”

“Yeah, your right, Billy. We got a few more floors to go. I might as well…”

Ted squatted down into the lazy-boy recliner chair he somehow knew had appeared behind him. He tugged the chair’s drawstring and a footrest extended from him. He reached for his cup holder and withdrew a large glass of his favorite iced coffee from his preferred local cafe.

“Hows that treating you, bud?” Bill asked with a grin

“Ahh, much better. Thank you for asking.” Ted shifted his weight in the plush chair for maximum comfort “It’s funny, I suddenly forgot what I was so upset about.” He thought out loud

“You take your time, Ted,” Billy instructed “since it looks like the elevator is stuck. Don’t think we will be getting to our floor for at least another ten or fifteen minutes.” Just as Billy had stated, the elevator had slowly eased into a stop.

“Mind if I join ya?” Billy collapsed into his own recliner chair and cracked open his favorite beer.

“I can’t recall when they refitted our elevators with these wonderful chairs,” stated Ted, “but it was easily the best decision the higher-ups have ever made!”

“I agree!” Billy chimed, “but you know, let’s not talk about work while we are on vacation, huh?”

Ted blinked and found himself laid out on the beach, dressed in his swim trunks with a cold beer in his hands. He sighed with glee as he felt every tense muscle in his body relax.

“Cheers!” Billy offered his beverage in the air

“Cheers to you, my friend! May every day be as swell as this one, eh?” They clinked glasses

“It’s funny you say that,” Billy chuckles “somehow, I have a feeling they will.”

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