Even Heroes Get Hangovers

[3 Min Read]



“Huh?” A man with a perfect head of hair lifts his head out of the bushes

“Oh, God, not again.” He stands and pushes his way out of the shrubbery. The branches and twigs rub up against his skin uncomfortably. Looking down, he realizes he’s naked as the day he was born.

“Oh God, it’s happened again!” The muscular man covers his most delicate parts with his hands as he scours the forest floor for his clothes.

“He told me it would only be one drink, damn that Quick-Lad!” he muttered under his breath

“Mommy, look! A hobo!”

The man froze in place “Please Lord, not in front of the children” he slowly craned his neck behind him and saw a mother with her young boy and teenage son. “M-Morning citizens! Having a safe morning hike?”

The boy’s eye went wide “Mommy, that’s Strong-Man from the Justice Friends! It’s really him!” The mother covered the boy’s eyes

Strong-Man scrambled to his feet “N-No! I-I-I’m a hobo! I’m just a hobo with incredibly sculpted chin and perfect hair!” He looked over and saw the teenager was recording the whole scene on his phone.

Strong-Man looked back down and realized he had accidentally forgotten to cup his ‘glory’ and it was on full display for the world. He snatched the phone from the teenager “This is not an instagramable moment!” he shouted and threw the phone, over the trees, and into a nearby lake.

“Um-Um!” Panicking, Strong-Man turn tailed and ran. Shouting, “Remember the earth is allergic to litter kids!” as he ran deeper and deeper into the forest.

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