Curve the Bullet!

[3 Min Read]

“Dude, don’t even worry about it! I saw it in a movie!” Frank shouted to his friend down range.

“Yeah, but it was a movie…” John pulled back the slide of his pistol, chambering the first bullet

“Don’t puss out on me now, bro. Curve the bullet!” Frank instructed

“I-I’m pretty sure Mythbusters proved this didn’t work, man!” He leveled the gun shakily at his friend “L-Like when you think of the physics behind it, or whatever…”

“Oh, my God!” Frank rolled his eyes “After a pack of Bud-lights, you’re all a sudden a physics major? Just pull the damn trigger!”

“B-But what if it-“

“I fucked your girl last night you cuck!” Frank taunted

“You what?”

“She said it was the first time she’s been satisfied since she started dating your sorry ass!”

“You son of a-” John squeezed the trigger, but the barrel didn’t flash on end pointed towards Frank, but on the end pointed towards John’s face. He collapsed to the floor, dead before he hit the ground.

Frank sauntered over and kicked the body for good measure. “That was easy,” he thought out loud “Now what to do with the body…”

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