Is This Thing On?

[5 Min Read]


“Yes, Jeremiah, please come in” Booms a powerful voice from within the room.

The skinny spirit summons all the strength in his corporeal arms and shoves open the large office door.

“H-How did you know it was me, Sir?” the trembling winged man asked with a nasally voice.

A man with a long fluffy white beard seated behind a large desk let loose a hearty chuckle “My child, what name is on the door?”

Jeremiah craned his neck out back out the door and into the hallway “It reads ‘The Big Man,’ Sir.”

“Exactly!” The man behind the desk ejaculated “It is my business to know everything, my child!” He cleared his throat “That, and well, I was the one to call you up here.”

Jeremiah flapped his wings and joined his Boss on the other side of the sizable office. “Y-Yes, sir. Very well, sir.” He adjusted his glasses “Now what does the Father of Creation need from me?”

The Big Man gestured to a dusty looking CRT monitor on his desk “This- This thing!” He starts to rave, “I’ve never understood it! I was told these ‘Mac computers’ would make my job easier!” He crossed his arms and pouted “Any products of apples have caused me nothing but trouble I’ll tell ya…” He muttered under his breath

“Well, what seems to be the problem exactly, Boss?”

“These!” The Big Man points his meaty finger at the dirty monitor “All these comments I am receiving from my children below, they keep claiming not to hear me. I ask you how is possible anyone can’t hear me?” He bellowed, “Susan in accounting asked me to create a specially designed soundproof office so she couldn’t hear me!”

Jeremiah wiggled a finger in his ear to help with the ringing he now suffered from “Yes, well, let’s take a look here,” He swiveled the computer towards him and considered silently for a moment

“Erm, Sir?”

“It’s broken, isn’t it? I knew it!” the Big Man lept out of his swivel chair “I will just have to return to the old fashioned way of communicating and set another bush on fire. That got the last guy’s attention!” He rubbed his hands together gleefully

“S-Sir?” Jeremiah squeaked again

“Yes, my son, what is it?” The Big Man’s voice echoed

“S-See this red dot in the corner, sir?”

“Yeah, its always been there. What about it?”

“Sir, that indicates your microphone is off. How long did you say its been there?” Jeremiah looked sheepishly to his Boss.

“O-Off?” The Boss stared blankly at the dot.

“Here, let me get it for you…” Jeremiah clicked a button on the side, and the red dot turned green with a happy face in the center, “Try it now.”

“Erm, alright,” The Big Man leaned in closer to the monitor “Er, testing, testing. This is God speaking.”

“Oh, my You! Sir, look!” Jeremiah pointed to the comments on the monitor “They can hear you!”

“Jeremiah you genius!” He embraced his beloved angel in a bear hug

“Y-Y-You’re w-welcome, sir” Jeremiah choked out

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