[5 Min Read]

The intercom on Dr. Mathus’s desk squeaks to life “Dr. Mathus, your next appointment has arrived,” a woman’s voice chirps through the tiny speaker.

“Excellent,” A smartly dressed middle-aged woman in glasses responds, “Send him in.”

Moments later, a boy of average height and stature sheepishly walks through the door.

“Ah, Jimmy!” Greets the doctor “Please have a seat.” She eases herself into her leather armchair.

“Good morning doctor,” mutters Jimmy as he takes a seat on the couch opposite of her.

“Now, how are you doing today?” Dr. Mathus  lays her legal pad down in her a lap and uncaps her pen

“I’m fine,” He stares silently at the floor for a beat

“You know how you’re always telling me to open myself up to making new friends, and embracing new ideas and stuff?”

“Of course! Have you made any headway?”

“In a sense,” He considered his words carefully “I talked to these group of guys and…” his voice trailed off

Dr. Mathus’s smile faded, and she leaned in towards her client “It’s ok if it didn’t go well,  Jimmy. Those boys obviously didn’t recognize your worth, and you’re better off without them in that case.”

“Huh?” His head shut up, “Oh, no, they didn’t make fun of me or nothin’.”

“Oh,” She leaned back and readied her pen “Well, what did happen then?”

“It went pretty good actually, we got to talking, and they invited me to their weekly club.”

“That’s fantastic! Did you have fun?”

“Not at first, I thought the stuff they were into was kinda weird, but it turned out pretty good in the end.”

Dr. Mathus tilted her head, anxious to hear more.

“So, they asked me to be their leader!” Jimmy chuckled

“Leader?” Her eyes squinted

“Yeah, said they’ve been watching me a while and think I have what it takes to lead Ulioth’s rebirth.”

Dr. Mathus laid down her pen, “Ulioth? Is that a band or something?”

“Band? Nah, he’s the creator of all things.” Jimmy opened his arms wide

“Um” The doctor bit her lip

Jimmy continued, “They said with my help, they’ll finally be able to open the gates for his return!” He beamed, “I finally feel a sense of purpose, doc!”

“Jimmy, I don’t know-“

“After all these years, I finally found that thing that is greater than myself to be a part of isn’t that great!”

Dr. Mathus placed her legal pad on the table next to her and joined him on the couch “Jimmy, I’m so happy to see you have a new sense of purpose in life, but I don’t think-“

“That I should be wasting any more time? I agree, doc!” He sprang off the couch “I have a lot of work to get done. Thanks, doc!” he bursted and skipped out of the room.

Dr. Mathus reached for her patient papers and scribbled a single word and circled it: ‘Progress?’

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