[2 Min Read]

The floorboards above us creaked from the weight of the stormtroopers.

“Where are they?” Shouted a German accent “I saw them run in here! Search upstairs!” He commanded another

The soldiers kicked up dust as they ran across the old floorboards forcing Helen to sneeze. Thankfully she was able to suppress the sound with the hem of her dress. She flashed me a thumbs up and a goofy smile.

I leaned in and kissed her forehead. Since the break of the war, I made a point of showing my love to her more often. In some twisted way, you could say this horrible conflict has made me a better man.

I pointed to my rifle than to her submachine gun. She checked her weapon’s magazine then nodded. Counting down on my fingers from five, we prepared to make our own mark on history. For the next five seconds may not only affect our future but the worlds.

3 thoughts on “Ambush

    1. Thanks so much! Been recently inspired by this game called Valkyria Chronicles, which takes place during WWII. Was considering making this one a series!


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