The Cure

[2 Min Read]

“Left turn here, then… shit, what was it? Right turn?” I skidded on the smooth tile floor. Seemed like even the treads of my shoes were tired of running at this point.

“No, dammit, it was the other way!” I panted. The distant moaning grew louder and louder with ever one of my exasperated breaths

I decided where I was didn’t matter, as long as it was away from that thing. So I ran and ran and ran some more.

Till there was nowhere left to run.

Desperate, I even convinced myself that if I pounded hard enough on the concrete wall, maybe it would give, but the groaning only grew louder. Back to the wall, I saw my impending death. It felt somehow fitting that it was going to be at the hand of my best friend’s reanimated corpse.

My friend’s husk slowly shambled over. As if he was savoring the moment. Soon, he was only an arms reach away.

‘This is it,’ I thought ‘no more tricks and nowhere to run.’

But instead of accepting my fate, one last ounce of resistance remained.

“Fuck this!” I lunged for the abomination and sunk my teeth deep in its shoulder. The smell of rotten meat filled my nostrils.

To my surprise, the husk lept back and started convulsing on the ground. I watched in shock as the creature’s mangy skin returned to its former pink hue. Its rotten eye had reformed in the socket. Then, instead of the creature returning to its feet, it was my best friend once again.

He wiped a layer of sinew from his face and looked at me, “What happened?”

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