Sword in the Stone

[4 Min Read]

“How can you be so confident about this, Terrance?” The wizard with an overly tall pointed hat asked his muscled companion.

“I told you, Azoshan,” the armor-clad nobleman who straddled the sword of legend lodged in the rock of fable “I had a vision!”

Azoshan stroked his long white beard, “I heard that part. But we all have dreams. Like the one, I had last night when I went on a date with Ye-Olde-Beyoncé. It’s fun in the moment, but I knew it could never happen.”

Terrance clutched his fist dramatically “It wasn’t a dream though,” he raised his fist to the heavens “It was a vision!”

“Okay,” Azoshan humored, “What’s the difference between a vision and a dream? I mean fundamentally.”

“A vision foretells the future, Azoshan, and my future is to be the next king of the realm!” He flexed atop the rock of fable.

“Thats not what-” the wizard palmed his face “Okay, whatever. Just hurry this up, would you? The taxi coach is waiting, and there’s a line of kids behind you who, apparently, had the same vision.”

“Yea!” A boy with a funny hat shouted behind Terrance “We’ve been waitin all day mister! Jus’ take yer turn already!”

“Fine, fine. You’re right you little weirdo, it’s now or never.” Terrence bends at the waist and touches his toes several times, then followed with a few arm stretches.

“Today, Terrance!” Shouted Azoshan, “My Mom is waiting in the cab, and you know how she gets.”

“I’m doing it! Gezz!” Terrance grips the handle of the sword of legend with both hands and tugs with all his might. Veins protruded from his forearms and neck. Sweat poured from his face, but the sword remained unmoved.

“Alright, guess it was a dream after all,” Azoshan leaves his friend and starts to walk back to the street.

“Wait!” Terrance shouted, “I can feel something!”

“That’s you popping an ulcer you big-“

Just then Terrance suddenly feels the sword give as his arms raised above his head, with the sword of legend clasped tightly in his right hand. The crowd of children and Azoshan and Azoshan’s mother, because you know how she gets, stand stunned.

“Ha-aha!” cries Terrance “That right! Bow before your new ruler, peasants!”

But the peasants didn’t bow or weep tears of joy, they just continued to stand dumb-struck.

“B-Bow down?” Terrance’s voice cracked

Azoshan raised a single finger to the sword “T-Terrence… you should look at that sword again pal.”

Terrance tilts his head upwards, then joins the crowd in shock. For he didn’t pull the sword of legend from the rock of fable but instead snapped the sword in half.

For the next twenty years, the land was plagued with famine for which it never recovered.

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