Beloved Bandits

[4 Min Read]

“Three…Two…One” The largest of the bandits kick in the door to the bank while the other two blast weapons in the air.

“On the ground now!” Shouts the gaunt leader.

The bank patrons glance over at the criminals and cheer, “Frankie!”

“I said get on the damn ground!” Frankie pumps his shotgun.

Everyone in the room mutters amongst themselves and take their time laying down

“Sonny! I’m having a hard time this morning,” An ancient looking patron complains “it’s my hip again I’m afraid. Would you mind?” The old man reaches out to the burliest looking thug.

Frankie glances at his companion, “What are you waiting for, Charles? Eugene fought in the damn war, and you know about his arthritis!”

The tall man nods and rushes over to aid the old man.

Frankie leaps over a table and tosses a canvas bag through the teller window, “Fill her up. And don’t try anything cute!” He demanded

“Well, anythin’ for you, dear!” The sweet woman behind the counter chimed. She filled the bag with loose bills and batted her eyes at the robber “Notice anything different about me shug?”

Frankie looked the young woman over a moment “New perfume?” he said gruffly

She flashed a bright smile, “You are the observant one! I guess you have to be in your line of work, huh?”

He rubbed the back of his neck, “Y-Yeah, I suppose. Say, uh, what are you up to tonight?” Frankie blushed

She tied off the canvas bag and slid it through the teller window “Well, after I file the police report on the stolen dollar bills, not much.”

“Think you might feel up to grabbing a slice with me down the street? I just got paid.” He shook the bag of money jovially.

She giggled, “I would love nothing more!”

“Eh, c-cool,” he backs away and joins his crew at the entrance.

“Thank you for your cooperation,” Frankie addresses the room “and remember the name-“

“Milk-Dud Bandits” The patrons shout back in unison.

“That’s right!” Frankie and his boys fire their guns in the air once again and disappear into a nearby alley.

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