[5 Min Read]

After a near hundred-year blood feud that started with their fathers as children, it was time for the two clans bitter rivalry to be settled in one last showdown.

The two men stood approximately forty paces from each other, as was tradition, with the understanding, no games, and no more tricks. Simply, quickest hand wins. They eyed each other over. The tension was thick enough to cut with a knife and serve on a platter. On-lookers watched anxiously.

Hours went by and the two rivals hardly even blinked. It was evident to their respective gangs that their leaders were playing a game on a much higher level. A mental chess match, a true battle of wills, endurance and patience.

However, the sun began to wane, and the crowd and gangs went home for the night but not the two sworn enemies. For them, there was no time for sleep, they were merely getting warmed up.

The next morning pedestrians rushed to the city square, eager to discover the final results of the feud that has plagued their town for a lifetime. Much to their surprise, however, the two men were sat together on a porch. Exchanging jokes, heeing and hawing, slapping each other in the back.

A shocked and confused man approached the pair “What happened? We thought you hated each other!” He exclaims

“We did,” says one, “then we got to talking. Turns out his daddy was just as much of a bastard as mine! In fact, we couldn’t even recall why the feud started to begin with.”

“Yeah,” agrees the other “we also found out we both had family and friends die of disease and the war. The realization occurred to us, so much of life is trying to kill us already. Why resort to violence when things are already as hard as they are?”

The new friends picked themselves up and headed to the local watering hole for a well-deserved beverage. Tossing their well-worn revolvers into a water trough along the way.

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