Now We’re Even

[2 Min Read]

Johnathan is walking his way home after picking up dinner at his favorite Chinese place. The smell of spicy chicken wafts from the plastic bag, causing his mouth to water. He was eager to get home and relax after another hard day’s work.

Another pedestrian, not watching where they are going, bumps into Johnathan, knocking him into the ground. His Chinese food sent tumbling into the street where it is promptly run over by an oncoming car.

Frustrated and angry, Johnathan looks up to the man ready to give him a piece of his mind. The man offers a hand down to him and utters, “Now, Johnathan, we’re even.”

Johnathan slaps the man’s hand away and picks himself off the ground. Now back on his feet, he turns to address the man but sees no one. He scans his surroundings and finds that he’s all alone. Even his soiled Chinese food had disappeared off the pavement…

*Photo by Oleg Magni*

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