Summer Job

[3 Min Read]

Susan dumps the contents of her basket onto the grocer’s conveyor belt.

“How are ya?” The gaunt grocery clerk unconsciously rings off while scanning Susan’s produce.

“Fine, you?” Susan replied, rummaging through her purse in search for her wallet.

“Eh,” The clerk struggles with one particular onion on the scanner “Been a little cold for me lately.”

Susan unearths her son’s latest finger painting from her purse to make more room in her hunt, “Cold? I believe the high was 82 yesterday.”

The clerks scoffed “That’s nothing compared to where I come from.”

“Oh, are you from Arizona or something? My sister lives in Phoenix and told me it got up to 110 the other day.” She explained

“Yeah, something like that.” He replies flatly

Successfully locating her credit card, Susan looks up and meets her clerk’s hallowed face for the first time. He had long, stringy black hair that was tied into a ponytail with two small humps sitting under his hairline.

‘Damn kids and their body modifications’ Susan thought to herself

A young woman dressed in the same uniform as he approached the pair “Hey Beel, do you want some help bag-“

“I’ve got it, Carol!” The clerks hissed at the girl. Susan could have sworn she spotted a forked tongue.

Carol threw her hands up and walked away

“Beel,” Susan remarked, “that’s a unique name.”

“Yeah, you could say my dad is the religious type,” Beel groaned “and the bogus type.” He remarked under his breath, “$47.58 is the total.”

Susan inserted her card into the reader and tapped the screen “Well, I’m sure he has his reasons for what he does.”

“That’s, what he tells me. Sent me to your god-awful realm for the summer to teach me the value of ‘responsibility’ and to teach me ‘what a real hell is like.'” Beel blew a raspberry “Whatever old man” He rips off her receipt and hands it to her

“Nothing is wrong working a summer job. Being a parent myself, I think your father has a point.” Susan deposits her bagged groceries into the cart

“Oh, there is a special circle for people like you,” Beel murmurs

Susan looks back at him “Sorry, didn’t catch that. What did you say?”

“Nothing. Welcome to Walmart, and I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay.”

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