The Hero We Didn’t Deserve

[1 Min Read]

For decades they stood still and watched. Silently waiting for the day, humanity would need them most. When that day came, they were the heroes we needed but didn’t deserve.

For the aliens it was D day, for the rest of us, it was the Apocalypse.

Pods rained down from the heavens unleashing the worst hell had to offer. Monsters small and large covered the earth and spared no soul that came across their path.

But they stood ready to be a light in humanity’s darkest hour.

Citizens ran for cover in the only building still standing in their local strip mall, the Target Supercenter.

The invaders gave chase but were made quick work of by Target’s secret security division, the giant red balls that had stood so stoically for so many years outside her gates.

One by one, the balls ripped apart any creature that dared to walk on six legs. It is by their efforts alone that we have a bigger, brighter, tomorrow.

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