Little Guy

[2 Min Read]

“Boy, I sure miss the days when a cup of dog food was good enough for ya,” The man groaned as he wrestled with an elk corpse. Just managing to swing it high enough to stick it on the dangling meat hook. After tugging on it to make sure it was on nice and snug, he then leaped behind a wall into the safety of his concrete bunker.

He slapped the button on the wall to raise the feeding gate, slunk into his comfortable chair, and waited patiently. His gaze wandered towards a picture of a small dog with a tongue half hanging out and tail mid-wag. A smile crept across his face “You were such a little guy then.”

A booming howl resonated from behind the gate then a gigantic three-headed black beast leaped from out of its cage and onto its unsuspecting prey. Each head sunk its razor-sharp teeth into the flesh of the dead elk and tore it limb from limb. Causing blood and gore to rain down as if it were some possessed fountain.

The man let loose the contented sigh of a proud parent, “Not so little anymore, but just as cute.”

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