Car Inspection

[5 Min Read]

A mechanic coated in grease entered the waiting area of a popular car garage. He raised his clipboard and fiddled with the toothpick he kept in his mouth.

“Mrs. Smith?” He called out to the seated customers

“That’s me!” A petite woman with a long blonde ponytail and an oversize purse shuffled over to the counter.

“Yes, Mrs. Smith, we just got done looking at your car.”

“And?” She clutched the hem of her loud hot pink sweater

“We found the problem,” He dropped his clipboard on the counter and raised a gray cat sat at his feet “Seems this guy got up in the gully works there.”

“Oh, my goodness!” Mrs. Smith took the cat into her arms and scolded him, “Bad Mr. Mittens!” She then tucked him away safely into her bag and returned her attention to the indifferent looking mechanic. A low agitated meow resonated from the bottom of her purse.

“So sorry about that, sir! I have no idea how he could have gotten in there!”

The mechanic waved his hand “Happens more often then you think.” He took back his clipboard and brought it close to his face. “Fortunately we were able to replace all the eaten hamsters and flushed your radiator. That baby should be…purring… like new.”

Mrs. Smith and the awaiting customers bursted into laughter. Initially, the mechanic felt flattered by the harmonious giggles, but their intensity grew. The seated patrons got out of their seats and walked towards the mechanic all while cackling wildly.

They edged closer and closer till the mechanic’s back hit the wall. Where Mrs. Smith, emitting a deep guttural chuckle, began to peel the skin off of her face. She ripped the flesh like paper revealing scaly green skin and slanted black eyes hidden beneath. The mechanic screamed as the crowd tore him limb from limb, taking turns devouring his flesh.

Bob woke up, soaked in sweat and panting. He looked down and saw that he was still in his uniform and covered in pizza.

“Damn it! Not again. I’ve got to stop eating dominoes before bed.” He slid the extra-large pizza box off his sizable gut and onto the floor.

He rolled to his side, where he spotted a blonde woman in a pink sweater staring back at him, smiling ear to ear.

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