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[2 Min Read]

The tall, trimmed man crouched at the end of a diving board. Eyes closed. His heart pounded like a bass drum in his chest. Every water droplet cascading down his skin had taken a life of its own, demanding his attention, but there was no time for such petty distractions. Now was the time to prove the broken bones and sleepless nights were worth a damn.

He ran through his mental checklist. Breathe, stand, breathe, squat into position, don’t forget to breathe, leap.

He lowered his goggles, breathed, stood, breathed, squatted at the end of the thin plank, following one last sharp inhale, he leaped.

Swan diving down, down, down till-


The glass of water tilted, shook, and settled without a drop of water out of place.

The judges raised their scores: 10, 9.7, 9.8

He was walking home with the gold.

**Image by Markus Spiske**

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