Monday Morning

[2 Min Read]

Simon, frustrated and blurry-eyed, slapped his blaring alarm clock to the ground and grunted.

‘Morning,’ he thought, ‘another Monday morning. Whoever invented them should be shot on sight.’

He threw off the sheets, exposing his half-naked body to the cold morning air, stretched, and groaned his way to the bathroom. After relieving himself, he splashed water fresh water on his face in an attempt to wash away his groggy head. His eyes gently rose up to the mirror to begin the tedious task of taming his unruly bedhead, but he dropped the comb in shock from what he saw looking back at him, or, rather, the lack thereof. Everything in the bathroom was reflected in the mirror, except for himself.

Simon rubbed his eyes, convinced he must still be dreaming. However, when he looked back into the reflection, there was still no Simon looking back at him.

Moments later, he saw his reflection walk from the opposite side of the mirror and staring back at him.

“Sorry boss,” stated the reflection, “Hard time waking up this morning. Monday’s am I right?”

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