End Program

[2 Min Read]

On a typical walk home from work, Ted hears an odd crunch under his foot. Curious, he lifts his leg and picks up a stray keyboard ‘Ctrl’ key from off the pavement.

Not the type to stand for litter, Ted pockets the plastic key, and continues on his way till he spots a second black keyboard key laid upside down in the street next to him. Once again, he bends over, picks it up, and investigates. This one read ‘Alt,’ on the top in white letters.

Ted chuckled to himself and thought ‘pretty soon I’ll be able to make my own keyboard!’ He slides the stray key into his trouser pocket, to join its friend, and continues.

Rounding the city block, another black speck caught his eye. This one on the lip of a brick window sill. Ted plucks it off the ledge and turns it over. This one read ‘Delete.’

“People really need to be more mindful of where they throw their garbage!” Ted stated to no one in particular.

The only witness to the events to follow was a young boy across the street. He was finishing up a particularly long game of basketball with his friends and had just sat down for well-deserved gulp of water from his water bottle. Attracted to the loud griping across the street, the boy’s eyes wandered over just in time to witness an old man, after mumbling something about litter, shove something into his pocket, then suddenly vanish without a trace.

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