Fake It Till You Make It

[2 Min Read]

The phrase, ‘Fake it till you make it,’ has been my life’s mantra for so long, I’ve even cross-stitched a banner that hangs above my mystic alter.

I remember fondly as a boy, reading books on Houdini and the like. The curiosity consumed me, but I could never pass with even the most straightforward card or parlor trick. Then I heard the phrase that altered the course of my life. It was then I understood. Every drop of my hat became a purposeful distraction, any lose dove to fly out of my suit was a new twist on an old act.

“Now I am proud to report after years of faking it, now I have finally made it. Wouldn’t you agree, Abaddon?”

“Yes, my liege.” Agreed a tall, crimson red-skinned creature with jagged teeth and long horns protruding from the crown of its head. “Would you like another cup of tea, master?”

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