Summer Fun

[2 Min Read]

“Shut up, Timmy, this is going to be great!” Skylar insisted while he traced out the last chalk line in the pentagram on the floor.

“B-B-But Skylar! What if my mom finds out?” Timmy trembled so much his glasses slid down the sweaty bridge of his nose.

“Don’t be such a nerd. Now, stand on that side and let’s summon a demon!” Skylar flipped open the leathery old tome and placed his hands along the perimeter of the circle. Timmy did the same on the opposite side.

Once in position, Skylar read out loud in the loudest, most menacing voice his eight-year-old throat could muster:

“Kalima, Kalima, I summon thee Baphamut!”

An enormous plume of purple fire emitted from the center of the pentagram. Sparks and smoke flew every which way, blinding the boys and causing them to gag.

Slowly, the smoke cleared, revealing a scrawny man with a beer gut, dressed in a white fluffy robe and slippers holding a mug of coffee.

“What the?” The man looked around the room, “How the hell did I get in the basement?” He looked down and spotted his son, Skylar, prone on the floor bewildered.


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