Star Gazing

[2 Min Read]

The boy looked with bewilderment at the sky above. Wonder and magic danced across his eyes. “No matter how bad things get here, at least I know the stars in the sky above will always shine for me!”

Shock and awe suddenly washed over him like a cold splash of ice water as he witnessed the hundreds of dots in the sky rearranging before his very eyes! He shook himself out of his daze and snapped into action.

He sighted down the telescope and began tracing out the new star pattern in the sky. “That’s funny,” he chuckled to himself, “It kind of looks like its spelling out letters.”

Once satisfied with his work he backed away from his telescope and marveled over his new discovery. The boy tapped the eraser end of his pencil to his chin, considering the new formation.

“X, Y, Z,” He stated out loud, “What is that? Could it mean something?” He thought through all the possibilities and came up with only one solution. He wrote out the acronym:

‘eXamine, Your, Zipper.’

He blinked, looked down at his cargo shorts, and sure enough, he found his fly was down.

“What the?” The boy zipped up his trousers and glanced back at the sky. He was startled to see the stars had again begun to move.

He sighted down the telescope a second time and observed the stars shift and reform into a gigantic thumbs up.

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