Baby’s First Mars Landing

[3 Min Read]

“Thrusters engaged. Landing in three…two… and contact. Mission control we have contact.”

A young, professionally dressed woman clicks on her headset, “Very good, Captain. What are your readings?”

“Green across the board,” A man’s voice responded

“Then you have clearance to exit when ready. Anything words of wisdom from the soon to be the first man on Mars?”

“Yeah, I hope this doesn’t go tits up.” The Captain chuckled nervously, “Team ready?”

Three other voices declare in unison, “Ready, Captain.”

With bated breath, the woman watched Captain Vargas take man’s first step onto their angry red neighbor. History in the making and she had a front-row seat through the blurry, black and white, ten-inch monitor on her control console.

She is jolted as his POV camera suddenly shoots up and observes a large gathering of little green beings surrounding the crew. They appeared to be playing instruments closely resembling earth trumpets, tubas, and large bass drums. Two individuals from the crowd aimed large weapons at the Captain who reflexively shielded his face with his hands, but when the creatures fired their weapons streams of colorful confetti gently descended upon the team.

As the rest of the crew joined their Captain outside the shuttle, the little green people unfurled a large banner in front of them that read, ‘About Damn Time.’

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