Wizard With A Gun

[2 Min Read]

“Get down he has a gun!” A professionally dressed witch shouts, ducking behind a nearby filing cabinet.

“How dare he exploits a wizard’s one weakness, bullets! It’s the coward’s way!” exclaimed, Bob, the warlock lead in Human/Goblin relations.

“I’m too young to die!” Gertrude, the snowbird receptionist, covered her eyes in fear.

Steve holds out his hands, attempting to calm his raving peers, “Whoa! Hey, everyone calm down! Not everyone uses a wand to channel their magic!” He waves a shotgun in the air, “I’m just sending the mail to the post.”

“Did you hear that?” Craig, the janitor, called to the crowd, “He’s going to go postal!”

A band of beefy looking men bust through the plywood office door and raise their staves, “Put down firearm! Now!”

Steve chuckled nervously, “Fellas please, this is a complete misunderstanding! I assure you, this thing is perfectly-” A loud blast erupts from the end of his shotgun, gifting the office with a new skylight. Steve’s coworkers burst into a renewed fit of screams.

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