Summer Fun (Part 2)

[3 Min Read]

Summer Fun (Part 1)

“Shut the hell up, Timmy! I’m telling you I got it this time!” Skylar wrapped up the last oval in his summoning circle

Timmy peeked from behind the couch, “Geez, I don’t know Skylar. Your dad was pretty upset the last time you tried summoning a demon.”

“Don’t be stupid!” Skylar wiped his nose with the back of his hand, then threw his used chalk over his shoulder. “We aren’t summoning a demon, we’re summoning an angel. Besides, he said no more pentagrams, but he never said anything about summoning circles.”

Skylar cracked his knuckles, “You gonna help me or what?”

“Do I have too?”

“It’s my house, Timmy! I get to decide what we do first. Now put your hands in the summoning circle, and let’s reach into the great beyond already!” Skylar sat on his knees and places one hand on the chalk outline, and the other on the tomb of ancients. Timmy drags a puff from his inhaler and reluctantly joins.

Skylar cracks open the tomb and read out loud, “Talima… Talima… I summon thee, Gabriel!”

A deafening explosion erupted from the circle’s center. Timmy, eyes fixed on the explosion’s epicenter, felt intense radiation of glee and warmth wash over his round body. His eyes shed tears from the light’s beauty and hypnotizing glow.

The smoke clears, and the bright light finally fades. Skylar slowly cracks his eyes open, expecting to witness the face of God Himself, but instead found his mother, wrapped in a bath towel, hair in curlers looking around the room confused.

“What the? How the?” She uttered dazed.

“Hi, Missus Cabernack,” Timmy waved at the distraught woman

“T-Timmy?” she swiveled her view from the boy over to her son, who stood dumbstruck. Her confusion boiled over into rage, “God-dammit, Skylar!”

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