Power of Za

[5 Min Read]

“Yo, Craig, I’m ordering pizza, watcha want?”

Craig dribbles the basketball deep into the paint and slams in another basket before answering, “You know me, dog. Cheese on cheese on cheese, brah!”

Nathan opens the dominoes app on his phone, “You’re a freak man. You know there are, like, a thousand other toppings, right?”

Nathan’s best friend fires off an expert shot from the three-point line in their driveway basketball court and sticks the shot with nothing but net. “Sure, but why settle for anything less than the best, my dude?” Craig shakes his scraggly long blonde hair out of his face.

Nathan navigates the app and is about to hit the option for double cheese when something odd catches his eye. “Dude! This shitty app is fucked, man. There is a topping that just says ‘error.'”

Craig tosses the basketball over his shoulder which hones magically into the net. “Brah, you should totally order it! See what they bring.”

Nathan chuckles, “You’re on, man! Just don’t blame me if its some grody sardines or some shit!” The youth clicks the error topping with his thumb, inserts his parent’s credit card for payment, then joins his friend for some one-on-one.

Roughly a half-hour later a rusted out 80’s era coup rolls up the drive with a unique pizza topper mounted on its roof. A pimple-faced youth exits the car via the driver’s side door a nervously scales the rest of the driveway with the pizza box in hand.

“I-I got an order f-for Nathan?” The delivery boy stutters

“Sick man, that’s me!” Nathan throws the rock to his best friend, Craig, who catches it with ease. He runs up to the driver, mouth already watering from the smell of the fresh pie. His advancement is suddenly thwarted as the delivery boy brandishes a pen and clipboard in his face.

“I need you t-to sign this waiver, sir.” Insists the delivery driver

Nathan shrugs, scribbles his signature on the document, and snatches the pizza from the boy’s trembling hands.

“Do me a favor, mister, could you wait to open it till I’m down the road?” Without waiting for a reply, the delivery driver rushes to his ramshackle car, shifts it into gear and burns out down the road leaving a thick cloud of smoke in his wake.

Nathan blinks, “Eh, it’s probably nothing” He declares to no one in particular and waves over his friend who followed through with one last sick three pointier before joining.

“Yo! Za is here, brah!”

“Finally, dude, I need some cal’s if I’m going to keep whipping your ass.”

The two go inside and liberate a couple of paper plates from their plastic name-brand packaging. They lick their chops with anticipation and crack open the box.

A sudden bright blinding light explodes from the cardboard box and sends the two flying back onto the ground. Golden rays spew forth from the table, the pizza sat upon and illuminated the cowering teens in intense radiant light.

They couldn’t help but cry tears of joy at the vivid display. Soon the light became too much for their frail human bodies. Their skin began to melt, their hair grew rapidly and turned snow white. Within minutes the two were rendered into nothing more than a horrific stew of sinew and snapped bones.

Another two had fallen victim to the power of the Za.

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