Where It Comes From

[4 Min Read]

A single gloved hand peaks over Mount Everest’s crest and claims one last handhold. Keith, summoning the last ounce of his remaining strength, pulls himself up to the top of the mountain, circles around and helps up his struggling best friend.

Brian grips his offered hand hard as he’s tugged up to the mountain’s summit to join his companion. Both grizzled adventures fall, back first into the powdery snow, gasping for breath. They had made it.

“That shit sucked major balls, dude.” Brian panted

Keith shakily stood back up and surveyed their surroundings, “I know brother, but trust me, it’ll be worth it.” He helps his best friend back to his feet and pats him on the shoulder, “The source is always better than the stuff you find in the store.”

The climbing veteran walks over to an oddly shaped boulder on the edge of the cliff. Brian followed closely behind, the wind slicing through his thick jacket, causing him to shake uncontrollably. Keith kneeled down next to the rock and presses into the bolder. A camouflaged panel shifts out of the way revealing a hidden compartment filled to the brim with VHS tapes. A broad grin grew across his face as he admired their mighty haul.

Keith snatches one of the tapes and presents it to his friend, “Now that, my friend, is the good stuff.”

Brian plucks the tape out of his companion’s hand and cradles it delicately, as if holding a newborn baby, and reads the scribbled label out loud, “Riku and the adventures of Roh, the giant tentacle monster.”

“That’s right bud, no subs, no dubs… and no censors.” Keith grins coyly

“So this is where it comes from,” Brian turns the tape over in his hands, “I wondered what kind of person would spend all that time drawing that sort of stuff.”

“It’s nectar that could only have come from the gods, my man.” Keith unbuckled his backpack and crouched back down in front of the bolder, “Now get down here and help me with these. We need to get them back to the people.”

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