Ghost Game Night

[3 Min Read]

“Spectral reader?”


“Magnetic field indicator?”


“Butterfly net?”


“Alright, Georgia, I’m good to go if you are,” Susan popped open the driver side door to her and her sister’s van.

“Wait, you sure about this one, sis? This place is supposed to be the most haunted house in America. Maybe we should skip this one?” Georgia slowly filed away their equipment into a bulky duffel bag.

“After all this time, you just want to walk away from the cream of the crop?” Susan pushes her sister to the side and excitedly stows away their remaining hunting gear.

Georgia gestured to the decrepit house down the drive, “Just think we might be flying a little to close to the sun with this one, Icarus.”

Susan throws the bag of expensive hardware over her shoulder, “You worry too much.” She shoves a camera into her sister’s arms and saunters down the gravel path.

Georgia holds the power button on the cam-quarter till the digital display flashes to life, “And you don’t enough…” She mutters under her breath before following her older sister through the rusted front gates and up to the creepy Victorian-era mansion.

“You rolling?” Susan grips the golden front door handle, reflexively flinching at the ice-cold touch.

“Y-Yeah,” Georgia activates the camera’s flashlight and begins to film.

Susan addresses the camera, “Today is August 1, 20XX. My name is Susan Jackson, and I’m here with my sister Georgia. Today we’re at old Blackwell manor, aka the, supposedly, most haunted location in the Western Hemisphere, and we are about to spend a night in her walls to see if it is indeed haunted.”

The older sister creeks open the termite-infested door, and a wave of brass-heavy jazz music washes over the professional ghost hunters. The main hall was filled to the brim with well dressed translucent people huddled around large tables. Each of which contained a variety of different board and card games the specters appeared to be deeply invested in. Along the opposite wall sat an opaque big-band playing decades-old tunes.

“Ok, I will trade you three wool for one brick, and that is my final offer, Clarence!” Declared a sharply dressed ghost in a top hat a monocle. A gaunt, pale woman dressed as a twenty’s flapper tapped him on the shoulder then pointed in the sister’s direction.

“Hmm?” The gentleman swiveled his head completely around to face the pair, “Oh my, Skin-bags! Welcome! My compatriots and I were just wrapping up a game of Catan, but you can absolutely have dibs next-”

“Oh, God!” Susan bleated, “They’re nerds!” Then spun around and sprinted back down the drive.

Georgia watched as her sister leapt through the open window in the van and speed off down the road. The taillights quickly disappearing over the horizon. She closed the camera and shrugged, “You guys got Yahtzee?”

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