Dragon Debate

[3 Min Read]

“I don’t get you, man, ice breath shouldn’t be a thing,” Craig the red dragon deducted.

“What do you mean it, ‘shouldn’t be a thing?'” Steven, the blue dragon debated, “You saw me turn that last knight into a popsicle yesterday.”

Craig fidgeted upon his rocky perch on the cliff face, “I mean, yeah I know you can do it. It’s more like, it shouldn’t work, you know what I mean? Like, where does the ice come from? Isn’t breath naturally warm?”

Steven shrugged, “I don’t know, magic?”

“That aged excuse?” Craig chewed on his long talons, clearing the entrails from his latest meal, “It’s beginning to sound more and more like a cop out.”

“Don’t tell me your starting to listen to that ‘science’ nonsense are you, Craig?”

“Gods, no!” The red dragon fluttered his wings in agitation, “I know all that ‘fact’ stuff is only a passing fad with the younglings.”

“Good,” utters the blue dragon then contemplates. “You know, the ice stuff may not make sense, but at least we aren’t George.”

“Yeah,” agreed Craig, “I don’t think magic or even science can explain what those yellow dragons can do.”

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