Apocalypse Kitchen

[2 Min Read]

“It’s roootteeen!” A half empty can of peaches flies across the room and smashes into the tiled kitchen wall. The expert chef’s fellow survivors cower in the corner as he continues to rave.

“And what is this?” The chef waves around a partially thawed hunk of meat, “You see this don’t you, you blind idiots? That-” He points emphatically to a small corner on the chunk, “That’s freezer burn! You brilliant dolts manage to get a freezer working in the apocalypse, but you can’t be bothered to rotate your stock regularly?”

The chef tosses the meat over his shoulder and stretches his arms out dramatically, “And for the love of all, how could not a single one of you think to save even a bloody ounce of kosher salt?!”

“I-I thought saving Gordon Ramsay from that horde of zombies was going to help the camp,” Gregory whispered to his best friend as they slid inside a cabinet for cover. “I never imagined this.”

Steven hushed his friend, “Quiet! If we just stay still, maybe he’ll go away…”

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