Speck, The Gecko

[3 Min Read]

“I swear it wasn’t like that when we bought it.” Gregory and his mother watch as Speck, the formerly six-inch gecko, wrapped its massive maw around their plush leather couch. Saliva poured from his mouth and pooled on the hardwood floor.

“Well, what the heck was in the dry food you were giving him?” Gregory knew his mother, a traditional mid-western woman, would somehow bring it back to food. “I’ll tell ya what, there’s no telling what kind of preservatives big-kibble is putting into their foods.”

Gregory lept out of the way just in time to miss Speck throw his python-like tail and smash it into the cabinet next to where he stood. Sending fine china cascading to the ground in large shards. “I don’t think preservatives did this ma!”

Speck dropped the sofa from his slobbery mouth and began chocking.

“Oh, dear!” Gregory’s mom gasped, “I think the poor thing has some heartburn.” She smacked her son’s shoulder, “What did I tell you? Its the food you’ve been giving the little guy.”

Moments later Speck chokes out a large plume of fire, lighting up the living room and setting the house ablaze. Gregory rushes his mother out of the crumbling building and notifies the authorities. Just as the first responders pull into his typical mid-western driveway, Gregory watches in horror as Speck bursts forth from the blaze. With a loud screech, the former six-inch gecko, sprout wings from his sides and flew off into the night.

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