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A hand having a mind of its own has been, obviously odd, but I had to admit, was pretty handy.

I first noticed old Lefty acting on its own accord about a year ago when things actually started getting done around my studio apartment. Dishes got cleaned and put away, trash picked up off my shag rug, bills finally getting paid.

I didn’t mean to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I couldn’t help but be curious as to how my life was magically getting in order. One night a set up a hidden nanny cam and went to bed. Imagine my surprise the following morning when I saw that it wasn’t a kind-hearted burglar or even magical gnomes. But instead, my own disembodied left hand taking care of business.

Obviously, this revelation only brought more questions then answers, but I was more afraid of stopping whatever was doing this if I dug too deep. So I filed it away for later and went about my business, but kept sure to keep the nanny cam going at night to see what Lefty got up too.

After a few weeks, Lefty started doing more than just a few chores. She began spending hours online researching life-insurance policies and how-to guides on body disposal. Found it odd, but thought Lefty had just gotten on-board with this new ‘true-crime’ trend.

Now here I was, wrestling with my own hand who had a firm grip on my throat. Righty did his best, but Lefty was always the more wiley of the pair. As the darkness creeps from the edges of my sight, my only regret is never entering a thumb war with Lefty and smoking the competition while I could…

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