Can I Keep Him?

[2 Min Read]

A little boy bursts through his family’s front door, face beaming with unbridled joy, “Daddy, Daddy!”

A well-dressed man suit relaxed in his favorite recliner lowered his newspaper and looked to his pride and joy. “What is it, son? Have fun playing with the boys down by the creek?”

The boy jumped up and down in front of him, “Daddy! I met a new friend, and he followed me home!”

“A new friend followed you home? Like a little pup?”

“Yeah! Can I keep him please?” The boy squealed.

The Father chuckled and placed his paper down on the table at his side, “Well, let’s take a look at him. Bring him in, son.”

The boy couldn’t bolt fast enough out the door, seconds later returning with a fuzzy little dog in his arms and presented it proudly to his Father, “Can I keep him?”

Father winced at the sight. Ordinary enough at first glance, seemed to be a collie mix of some sort. Large bottle mouth, floppy ears, and a great big grin. The only problem was it was dripping from head to toe with fresh blood.

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