Bar Fly

[3 Min Read]

A college heart-throb meanders over to the bar and orders another round of shots for himself. Waiting for his order, he locates his designated driver, who he had secretly been looking for. The boy claps his friend’s shoulder, who was in the middle of a quiet drink by himself.

“Steve!” shouts the young man over the blaring music

Steve sighs and looks up to his roommate, “Hey, Ted. Ready to go yet?”

The young man blows a raspberry, “Don’t know about you, but your boy ain’t crashing at the dorm tonight!” He gloats, followed by an obnoxious fist pump.

Steve takes another sip from a glass that was far to elaborately decorated for housing only tap water. “That right?” He humored

The college boy thumbs over his shoulder and down the bar, “Get a load of her, huh?”

Steve glances past him and spots a woman with a predominant hunched back, her face shrouded by a patchwork black cloak. The only feature escaping her concealed face was a long crooked nose tipped with a large hairy mole. As he continued studying her, she noticed his gaze, raised a thin bony hand from her robe and waved seductively back at him, “Shes – um – something.”

“Hell yeah she is!” the roommate paused to hiccup, “Said she could make all my dreams come true tonight as long as I,” He air quoted, “’ gave her my first child.’ Whatever that’s supposed to mean.”

Steve scratched his chin, “So… does this mean I can leave?”

Ted snorted, “What, you think I ain’t got what it takes to seal the deal?” He lowers himself to Steve’s ear who at that moment got a full waft of his liberally applied body spray. “Do me a favor, and don’t wait up.”

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