To Hell and Back

[2 Min Read]

Legs quivering, mouth dry, and brow heavy with sweat, I was on the verge of finally giving up when the phrase returned to me like a possessed boomerang.

“Susan, I’d go to hell and back for you, babe.”

I sneered, removed the gauntlet from my hand, and examined the glistening gold wedding band on my finger, “Careful what you wish for, Frank.

The beast with two leathery bat wings, and no eyes returned. Perched atop one of the jagged black rocks near the lava pit, it cackled at me. Daring me to try it again.

I raised my greatsword to its throat, “Where did you take her?”

It flashed a toothy grin at me, “You’ll never get her, mortal. My friends and I are having to much fun with her down below!”

I raised my blade above my head, “That’s what you think, fuck-face!”

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