Programing Error

[3 Min Read]





A revving and vibrating shook my chest. A wall of green binary running in intricate patterns ahead of me was the only sense of illumination in the black void I found myself in.

I wanted to scream and flail, but my arms wouldn’t budge, my lips wouldn’t quiver. Just more of that damn binary.

Finally, a light crept into the dim, green back lit cavern, but it was cold and bitter feeling. Still, I reached out. I wanted to see.

My eyes shot open. Florescent light burned my corneas till a transparent filter appeared and slid over my vision. A painful shock ran down my spine. My arms and legs stiffened, then relaxed. The pounding in my ears began to quiet, and I was finally able to focus.

I lifted my new hands to my face. They were dressed in long black gloves that stretched to my elbows. I flexed the muscles and joints, they felt good.

Upon examining my surroundings, I found that I wasn’t alone. Directly ahead of me stood a man, his back faced to me, with short black hair, a crisp white uniform, and long black gloves like mine. To my right was another man in similar attire, but his blue eyes stared ahead, vacant of any thought or feeling. They merely stared ahead. To my left was the same man with the same blank stare.

I turned and again found the same eerie man, this one staring back at me. His face handsome, but simultaneously hallow and devoid of emotion.

The revving in my chest picked back up, I needed to see anything but this man. Crouching down, I stared at the smooth glossy floor.

But there he was again, staring back at me. Except this one’s face was twisted with grief and looked to be on the edge of a mental break.

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