Best Friend Status Achieved

[3 Min Read]

“One last screw here and… done!” A stocky man slams his flat head screwdriver on to a ramshackle workbench and swivels his chair to face a happy looking poodle on a plush dog bed. The dog wags its tail excitedly upon seeing his master’s face.

“Einstein, the day has finally arrived!” The stringy scientist envelops the poodle’s face with both hands, “You and I will finally be able to communicate on a new level!” He turns and snatches his creation, that strongly resembled a bicycle helmet in appearance, and clasped it to his own head.

“This day will be marked in history as the day when man and man’s best friend truly became BFF’s!” The scientist pressed in a complicated code into a number pad. The sound of tiny servos spun in the helmet, and a small antenna sprang out the back.

The scientist shook his hands with glee and looked back to his companion. “Ok Einstein, think or say anything. Anything at all!”

The dog merely tilted its head, stuck out its tongue, and stared blankly back at its owner.

The lanky man clapped his hands together, “That’s ok, I get it. Finally being able to speak intelligently is a daunting task. Allow me to get the ball rolling.” He cleared his throat, “Hi Einstein. How are you?”

The dog waged his tail, recognizing his name and barked. Milliseconds later, a synthetic voice echoed in the scientist’s head, “Hi!”

His eyes brightened, “That’s right, Einstein! I said ‘Hi!’” He stomped his feet with glee. “How are you feeling today?”

The dog barked again, “Hi!”

“Yeah, buddy! Wh-What are you thinking?”

The dog stood and barked excitedly, “Hi-Hi-Hi!”

The scientist scratched his nose, “Right, hi. Can you give me anything else, buddy?”

The dog nibbled on his paw a moment and looked back at his best friend, “F-Food?”

The scientist shot out of his seat and pumped his fists, “It works!”

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