To Nasty To Rob

[2 Min Read]

A dark-clad man scales the side of a local billionaire’s house. Ascending three rows of bricks at a time, as was his way. Once at the top, he ties his rope around the chimney, tugs it three times to make sure it’s secure. Positive the line will carry his weight, he begins the descent.

Dangling precariously out the third story window, the sneak-thief withdraws the glass cutter from his utility belt and traces out a man-sized hole in the bay window. Then proceeds to slice through once, twice, four times. He cursed his incompetence under his breath, took apart the glass cutting rig, reassembled it, and was sure to do only three full cuts this time.

A suction-cup made quick work of the overly manicured window, and he slithered inside. However, upon lighting up the room with a click from his flashlight, he immediately wished he hadn’t bothered. The room was in complete and utter kayos. Clothes clean and dirty scattered every-which-way, dog hair coating the baseboards and bedsheets, and every single painting hung crooked on the wall.

Seeing no other option, the cat burglar withdrew a vial of foul-smelling liquid from his utility belt and upturned it on a particularly wretched smelling pile of laundry. Then removed a match from the same pouch, lit it, tossed it, and lept back out the window not daring to look back.

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