‘Dead’ Space

[3 Min Read]

“It’s a miracle of science if you think about it.” Huston commander Buzz Stanton watched the big screen proudly, swirling a fresh cup of coffee in his hand. “Just wish we would have thought of it sooner.”

Janice, the chief engineer on project Lazarus, dropped her headset around her neck and ran her fingers through her long black hair. “If you say so, Buzz.”

The commander looked down to her and sneered, “Why do I get the feeling you don’t share my excitement?” The corner of his mouth curled slightly, “Or maybe you’re just jealous you didn’t think of it first?”

The engineer swiveled her office chair around from the big screen to face America’s latest scientific ‘hero.’ “Those things are a menace, Buzz. Earth, space, it doesn’t matter. They’re dangerous, and you’re choosing to ignore that fact.”

Buzz waved a hand at her, dismissively, “You’re paranoid. How could those things possibly do any harm from way up there? Besides, think of all the money we are saving on oxygen and safety equipment. Don’t have to worry about killing what’s already dead.” He chuckled and took another sip of his hot coffee.

Janice rolled her eyes and turned back to face the big screen. A devious grin grew across her thin lips, “Looks like your ‘miracle of science’ is enjoying a little snack out there, Buzz.”

The commander’s eyes darted to the big screen where he spotted two figures floating in the void of space, attached to a large space shuttle with the words ‘Lazarus Project’ imprinted along the side. Neither wore a suit and they appeared to be attached only by a single length of standard rope. Blue crystals of water coated their patchwork green skin, and their sunken yellow eyes appeared to be frozen in position. It seemed that one of them had grabbed the other while it was doing maintenance on the shuttle and was violently snapping at its friend’s arm with its yellow and black teeth.

“Damn it, not again.” Buzz sighed and activated the receiver on his headset, “Mission Command to Lazarus Shuttle: knock it off, you two. A spacewalk is no place for horseplay.”

The overhead speaker crackled to life, “Braaaaiiinssss,” replied the assaulting astronaut as it continued to nibble away at it’s companion’s arm.

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