Reunited And It Feels So Good

[3 Min Read]

Frank was stirred from a deep sleep by the noise of a gentle tapping. Through bleary, bloodshot eyes, he glared in the general direction of the offending sound and spotted small pebbles being thrown against his second-story bedroom window. Mumbling every curse he knew, he aggressively slid into his slippers and made the aggravating trek across the hardwood floor.

Throwing open the window, he scanned the dark streets below and spotted a lone male teenager illuminated only by a buzzing lamp-post. He was dressed in a fancy letterman jacket, his glum face framed by a long, luscious mane.

“Hey, you little jack-ass!” Frank shook his fist in the air, “What the hell are you doing? You know what time it is?”

“Jessica! Jessica is that you?” Shouted the boy from the sidewalk below

“Does this voice sound like a Jessica to you, ya dimwit?”

“Jessica, baby, I’m not here to ask you to take me back. I only want to apologize.” Cried the teen heart-throb

“What? I told you-”

The teen held his hand dramatically in the air, “Please, baby, let me just say this one thing. Then you can say whatever you want. Call me whatever you want!” He dropped to his knees, his well-manicured locs brushing against his sculpted face. “I did you wrong, Jessica. Not just as my girlfriend, but as a person.”

“Kid, I’m trying to tell you-”

“I didn’t listen,” continued the boy, “I realize now how stupid I’ve been. All you’ve asked me to do is listen to your issues, and that you don’t always need solutions but just someone to hear you cry. To tell you that everything will be ok.”

Frank crossed his arms and leaned against his window sill

“Look, you know what my dad was like. What my family was like growing up. We didn’t talk about our emotions or feelings. I-I took your advice. I’m talking to a counselor and I’m learning to open up more. I know I’m still a mess, but I’m working on it. Please, baby, I’m ready to listen. I’m ready to talk. You don’t have to take me back. I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry.”

Frank dabbed his eyes with his nightgown. “Oh, whatever-your-name-is,” he choked, throwing his arms out the bay window, “of course I forgive you!”

The boy threw his head back in surprise. His hair flew behind his head like a rich wave of amber. “You do?”

Frank crawled through the open window and leapt down into the teenager’s awaiting arms. Hand in hand they got into the young man’s cherry red Porsche and sped off into the night.

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