Neo (POC)

“It’s in togetherness and brotherhood where humanity’s next evolutionary step is found. It is only in unity that our species will prosper and end the cancers of hatred, racism, and war. I believe when joined hand in hand with one another, the very stars aloft will join us here on earth. For then there will be no difference between our world and the heavens above.” 

Professor Rudolph Steward, World’s Claim for Change Convention, 2138

Cybil sat precariously atop Steward tower, the only place of solitude to be found in the otherwise ocean of noise and chaos that was the world below. Behind her sat a rooftop garden. Lush greenery and flowers bloomed with buds of every color the eye could see, and several others it couldn’t. In the middle of the striking meadow stood a modest copper and bronze statue of the professor after whom the tower was named.

The statue was depicted wearing a simple cardigan, slacks, and wide-brimmed spectacles; the old man’s signature look. In his hand, he clutched a book, possibly a symbol of his thirst for knowledge. He overlooked the rooftop garden with pride, for botany was his most beloved passion in life.And just beyond that was the city he helped build and nurture so long ago. His face radiated with the warmth of a proud father.

Of course, these were things Cybil knew all too well. As a kid, she had the professor’s ideology crammed down her throat day in and out. Ironically, the appreciation she was supposed to feel was replaced with bitterness toward the man who brought forth the new age. Though she didn’t hate the statue, far from it. The book in his hand was level enough to hold her mouthpiece whenever she had to occasionally get a clog out of her Myster.

Her gaze turned from the oxidizing statue toward the glowing city below. Though the megalopolis was well into the night, the streets below were alight with a dazzling sort of luster from the multitude of vehicles, billboards, and personal wear, that not even a twinkle was to be had in the bleached sky above. She smirked, recalling the age-old speech: 

“-the very stars aloft will join us here on earth; for then there will be no difference between our world and the heavens above.”

“Did the stars come down to join us, or did we steal them?” Cybil puffed on her handheld, a breeze whipping her purple hair against her tanned skin, forcing her parted hair to the other side.

Letting out a controlled lungful of mist, she checked her forearm’s digital display, noting she had several missed messages from her new partner. She sneered and dismissed them all, neither obliged, nor interested in talking to the idiot in her personal time. But the timepiece had other plans, informing her it was nearly time to check into work. A spotless record wasn’t about to change today.

Cybil pocketed her handheld, walked to the edge of the building, and took a nosedive off the side. Flipping mid-air, she placed her fingers to the corners of her thin lips and emitted a piercing whistle. A second later, a fast-moving drone with a rotating red light fixed atop on its brick-like body dove after her and met her velocity. The bot grumbled and transformed into a wireframe roughly resembling a motorcycle with two blue pulsing hover wheels on either end. She gracefully mounted the bike as the remainder of the vehicle’s body was filled with living metal.

The engine roared to life at her touch and latched onto the tower’s side. Cranking the accelerator, Cybil continued her descent at breakneck speed. Meeting the ground at terminal velocity, the motorbike crunched into itself, corrected with the ground, then shot onto the street with equal speed. The daredevil wove her way around gawking pedestrians and vanished into the crowd of morning commuters.

Hope you enjoyed my POC (Proof Of Concept) for my new novella Neo! A sci-fi, cyberpunk themed mystery thriller!

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