Big Bob’s Repair

[4 Min Read]

Answering a knock, Karen cracks open her front door to find a stubby man dressed in grease-soaked overalls and a sweat-stained hat carrying a rather heavy-looking leather bag. “Hi, there! Um, are you the repairman we requested?”

“Dat’s right miss,” The man confirms with a thick Boston flair typical for the area. “Big Bob of Big Bob’s plumbing, air-conditioning, and whatever the heck-else ails ya.” He tips his crusty hat, revealing a pronounced widows-peak.

Karen undoes the chain lock and opens the door widely for the man, “Great! Please come in!” She greets with thinly veiled hospitality hidden behind a false smile. Big Bob nods and steps inside her well-furnished living room. The aroma of sandalwood floods his senses.

The housewife closes the door behind him and leads him down the hallway. “Thank you for coming so soon! Frankly, I’m surprised. Being the ‘best handyman in the state’ I would have thought your schedule to be more backed up.”

Bob glances at the various family photos lining the wall of the hallway. “My timing and quality repairs are what I’m known for.” He explains casually

Karen throws open a door and flips a switch, lighting up a cavernous bathroom featuring the latest and most modern appliances and facilities available. Crossing the marbled floor, Karen presents a toilet with a touch screen computer built into the tank that currently displayed the weather.

“We just had this installed the other day. It was working for a few hours but-” The lady of the house shrugs and slaps her hands to her sides in exasperation. “I don’t know. No water will go inside and the computer has been on the fritz.”

She looks to Bob, her face riddled with worry. “This thing isn’t even on the market yet, do you think you’ll be able to-”

Bob raises his hand, “You ordered Big Bob, lady. Big Bob can handle anything you throw at him.”

“Oh!” Karen fans herself with her hand, “I didn’t realize how capable you were, Mr. Big Bob.”

Bob crouches down next to the toilet and eases his bag to the ground at his side. “All I ask is that you close that door behind you and not enter, under any circumstances, till I’m finished with my work.”

“Oh, very well then. You’re the professional!” Karen crosses the threshold of the bathroom doorway. “You’ll be sure to holler if you need anything, ok there Big Bob?” She asks with a sultry flair

“I will not be needing assistance, ma’am. Again, I ask you to please not open that door.”

“If you say so. I’ll be in the kitchen… making something sweet.” She flutters her long lashes and slowly shuts the door behind her.

Bob locks the door’s knob latch and returns to his bag. He cracks open the case and rubs his meaty hands together. Several tiny men armed with pointed red hats and tools crawl out and salute Big Bob.

“Alright youz-guyz,” Bob states, “you heard the lady. Let’s fix this shitter!”

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