Senator Duel

[3 Min Read]

“It’s not too late to back down, Greyson.” A well dressed, balding man mocked from the other side of a small, white foldable table. “You know you don’t have a chance.”

The young upstart silently placed his leather briefcase on the table and popped open the shiny, golden latches. “I’m not afraid of you, Senator Johnson. This bill has to pass, and I will fight you till the last man if I must.”

“Glad to hear,” The Senator withdrew a colorful handheld device from his pocket with a small cable dangling from one end. “Because you will need too.” He flashed a devious grin. The fluorescent light from above refelecting on his spectacles.

Greyson plucked his own colorful handheld from a special compartment in his suitcase and snatched the other end of the cable. “We’ll just see about that!” He jammed the plug into his handheld with a flourish.

“Gentlemen, please!” Called an aged old man at the head of the table, “Save it for the match.” A fanciful display lit up the TV behind him.

“The battle to pass the Affordable Life Act is now in session.” Declared the elder senator in a withered voice. The crowd of their peers gave a polite round of applause. His tired eyes looked between the two contestants, “It is customary for both parties to shake hands before battle.”

Johnson reached out his hand to his young rival. A little surprised by his opponent’s sudden showing of good-sportsmanship, Greyson cautiously stretched out his arm to return the gesture. At the first sign of movement, Johnson swiftly retracted his offered hand and ran it through his thinning hairline instead.

“Oooh, too slow,” He sneered. Greyson’s eyes narrowed, his resolve solidified in his heart.

The ancient mediator raised a wrinkled hand, “Senator Johnson, are you ready?”

“Born ready,” The Senator answered confidently

“And you, Senator Greyson?”

The challenger gripped his controller with both hands, “Ready sir!”


Johnson raised his hand dramatically in the air, “I choose you, Starmie!” Following a bright flash of light, a complicated looking animated starfish with a red jewel center appeared on the screen.

“Just what I was hoping you would do.” Greyson turned his ball cap around, “I choose you, Pikachu!

Following another flash of light, a small and cutesy yellow rodent with a zig-zag tail appeared on the opposite side of the monitor.

Johnson’s eye twitched, a bead of sweat rolling from his brow. “Give up, kid! You don’t have a chance of passing this bill!”

A wicked smile cracked at the corner of Greyson’s mouth, “Pikachu, Thunderstrike!”

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