World Maker

[5 Min Read]

As the world caved in around me, I wondered if I am to die before I have even made my mark on it.

Still warm from the mold, I was sent careening down a chute along with my brethren. An arm larger than life wrapped its cold claw around me and then dropped me like simple garbage into a pile of others that looked similar. Hardly any words were exchanged between us before a bone-chilling mechanical roar erupted even deeper below. One by one, we were shot down yet another narrow tube.

I came to an abrupt halt at the end of the line, forced to lay close in proximity to others who looked wildly different then I. Seconds later we were smothered by a thick layer of plastic. Everything was distorted. The only thing I could still see from the world outside was the light, but soon even that was taken away from me.

Our creators moved us to a dark and quiet place where we were kept for weeks, months maybe. Trapped with nothing but the void of darkness and our many cousins for company. This was our world now. A world devoid of the simple joy of color. 

Soon we felt the world around us shift and turn. An ear-deafening slam sounded from one side. Then began the endless shaking, only interrupted occasionally by twisting and confusing turns. If I had a mouth, I’d surely have been sick.

Then, like all trials before, the shaking finally stopped. From out of nowhere a blindingly dazzling light pierced our void. Not only were we allowed to see once again, but we were also put on display in front of a whole new world of colors and lights. Strange things I had never seen before, shapes I couldn’t recognize.

I thought I had finally found my home. For it surely couldn’t have gotten better than this. My heart skipped a beat, though, when one day a tall creature, this one with two arms, had excitedly snatched up my brothers and me in our plastic tomb. Their hands were different though. Warm and gentle.

We were moved again, and this time, my brothers and I were to take this journey alone. Placed into another layer of plastic, this one loose and stretchy, we were escorted to the final stretch of our journey.

Soon withdrawn from our clear plastic vehicle, the creature did something none of us expected. With two of its prongs, it began to tug at our enclosure. With one swift rip, we were sent tumbling down onto something hard draped in white. The tumble caused my mind to slip back into those darker days before our imprisonment.

The creature again did something extraordinary. Bold, even. It took one of my brothers and ripped off its bottom portion with ease. I couldn’t believe the savagery I was witnessing. The hands had done right by us till now. What kind of sick fiend could conceive of such maliciousness? With his entrails exposed, the hands stabbed him into the white surface.

We desperately called out to him, but his answer startled us. He was smiling, laughing even. A type of pure glee I was unable to comprehend.

The hands placed him down gently and repeated the process with another. Again my brother, who was at first terrified, quickly turned ecstatic. The others started edging closer to the hand to await their turn, but I was still shy. I wasn’t yet convinced that this was such a good idea.

One by one the hands filtered through my family till I saw it shift its attention to me. I didn’t bother running. I had accepted my fate long before. Its pincers wrapped around me, gripped my lower portion and tugged till I heard an audible pop.

I braced myself for a world of pain…but it never arrived. Quite the opposite actually. It felt as if I could finally breathe. The hands rammed me into the white cover beneath us and dragged me back and forth, back and forth. I could only watch with amazement – I was creating color! Streaks of world were being created with my body!

It was then that the hands finally revealed it to me: my life’s purpose. I wasn’t a victim or a prisoner. I was a color shaper. A world maker.

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